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  2. Module 1: Introduction to Engagement

  3. Module 2: Start With Why

  4. Module 3: Attract: I Want To Know More...

  5. Module 4: Felt Needs

  6. Module 5: Get: I want to try It Out…

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Equipping the priesthood of all believers


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  • "This course has already brought about growth and leadership development in our church. I started this course thinking it would check a box for the summer studies, however it really has changed the way I minister and the importance of my role in creating a culture of leadership which hopefully will ensure that our church continues in the future."

  • "This course was very helpful for a pastor in understanding their role to equip others for leadership and I have seen first hand the excitement in others as they are now empowered for ministry in our congregation."

  • "I learned so much that I hadn't really connected with church settings. Combining a business mind with a ministry calling is essential to growing disciples and maintaining a church."